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Face Cloth Origami, Easter Bunnies
Face Cloth Origami, Easter Bunnies

For our Easter Social Enterprise Scheme this year, we have decided to make cute bunnies from luxury face cloths.  This lovely design can be used for several things and we have put together some quick tips and ideas below. 

Origami actually means 'paper folding' however we have used face cloths as we love the idea that once you have finished enjoying these adorable animals, they can be dismantled and as if by magic turn into face cloths!

They are available from our Day Service at £1.50 each and can be ordered in varying colours.

Tips and Ideas


    Face cloth bunnies can also be used to cap bottles at children's parties or baby showers


    These bunnies are also good ways to care for minor injuries. Put an ice cube in the center to form a soft icepack


    A face cloth bunny makes a great Easter egg holder

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