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Organics Social Enterprise
Organics Social Enterprise


Our Organics Department have been working extra hard this past couple of months due to adverse weather conditions. 

We endeavour to adapt to all situations and although work on our allotment has been limited, at the Day service we have invested in a portable plant covering and have been very busy planting seeds to grow salad, vegetables, potatoes and mushrooms.

Everyone is excited to check on the mushrooms every morning when we come in and James and Martin actually harvested and ate some of the mushrooms to test them! Apparently they were delicious so could be our next  Social Enterprise market there!  

In terms of the educational aspect of learning we designed a collage of all the different plant leaves we could find.  We picked one from each plant and then researched it on the internet so we could find out more about them.

At the Day Service we work hard to incorporate all activities and here we have personalised pots in which we placed plant bulbs.  Once they start to bloom they will be sold as presents along with our hanging baskets - so you can see how everything plays a part in our Social Enterprise model.




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