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Wildlife Insect Hotel
Wildlife Insect Hotel


Made of recycled materials, wildlife stacks replicate natural features sought by wildlife - particularly by invertebrates such as ladybirds, many of which help control less welcome visitors.

It is essentially 6 pallets with pots, logs, straw, bricks and bamboo and anything else that creates a dark spot for bugs like beetles, spiders, slugs, snails and worms to live.  It also contains wild plants that attract bugs like butterfly's, moths, solitary bees and bumblebees and other insects and provides places for them to live.

Building a wildlife stack doesnt just benefit wildlife - it also offers the pleasure of being able to watch a host of different creatures making their homes and and for us to learn all about their fascinating behaviour at close quarters.

Want to know how?

  • Choose a space in sunlight or light shade; somewhere visible close to a hedge or shrub bed
  • Lay bricks on their side in a H shape and fill the space between with woodchips, leaves, hay, staw, pine cones, logs etc
  • Lay a wooden pallet or strips of wood across the top of the bricks and construct the next level in the same way
  • Repeat the next layers in the same way
  • Keep stack dry with roof tiles or a sheet of board covered in polythene

There are many, many designs for Insect Hotels, so why not try and design one yourself.

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