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Bromsgrove Carnival Success
Bromsgrove Carnival Success


Bromsgrove Carnival got off to a bright start with one of us arriving at 7.00 am to secure the position of our pitch which was near the pond and the bandstand - absolutely perfect.

At around 8.00 am the 'logistics crew' arrived and everyone sprung into action, and as per the pre planning, we all had our nominated roles and got on with it!  About an hour later we were happy with the results and stopped for a well earned rest and our first cup of coffee of the day in what was the icing on the cake - Sylive's Camper Van Josephine!

At around 11.00 am the carnival began and from that point onwards we didnt look back.  The produce from Amber at The Granary caused a stir and sold well - particularly our Tomato Surprise plants (the surprise being that when they started to grow the tomatoes would either be red or black in colour!).  Many people came to talk to us about their allotments, asking us for advice on how we had grown sweetcorn and tips on growing purple sprouting brocolli.

Visitors to our stall were amazed at our handmade items; dogs made out of flannels, our Flowerpops, bracelets, key rings and many more.  The competition to win a £25.00 Marks and Spencer Voucher went well too with the winning entry to be announced in a weeks time.

How much did we raise?  Over £160 for our Social Enterprise!  Thank you to everyone for their support leading upto and during the event.


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