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Vineyard in Worcestershire
Vineyard in Worcestershire


Wow what a month, so much has been going on so I think its best I break it into three sections! So without further ado let’s get started:

We have a new Polytunnel

At the start of May we began putting together our Aquaponics Polytunnel; we dug a trench around the outside of the plot, then put it together like a tent before pulling the cover over the top and burying the bottom. It was so much fun, we really enjoyed pulling the cover over the top, it took all of us concentrating to get it right! 

We have been planting our Herb Garden

We were delighted to see our other Polytunnel full of herbs early on in the month which meant it was time to plant the Herb Garden! We needed help so we were lucky to be able to call in the girls! (if you want a job doing well, leave it to the girls!) But in all seriousness it was great to see everybody excited about planting and I must say its looking great.

Did I mention we are getting a Vineyard?

So the final bit of news is that we have put a Vineyard in the front patch of the Market Garden.  We planted 450 Pinot Grigio and we must say it looks impressive, we would like to thank both Nick and Pete for their hard work and help. The vines will now start to grow and they will be three times the size they are now by September.

The last month has been a great experience for everybody involved with the Market Garden, this is proof that great team work can achieve success and although its early days we look forward to seeing the herb garden grown and tasting our wine.

A massive thank you to the staff at The Granary Hotel, The Day Service, Richard White and of course all the clients at the Market Garden.  Take a moment to enjoy your achievements!

John Rose


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