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Eulogy for John Watts
Eulogy for John Watts


06.04.84 to 20.03.15


Part of the Eulogy read out at the Service for John:


John Christopher was born on the Sixth of April Nineteen Eighty Four

To Jackie and John a wonderful occasion for sure

A baby brother for Emma and Yvonne

A bundle of joy for all family to dote on


So now we come to his beloved "Support Service" Amber

Where John just loved it - he would tell you with candour

He went there daily for the last ten years

He bonded so well - with his carers and peers


He did cooking and horse riding and gardening at the Granary

Swimming and sports - and dont forget his IT

He enjoyed basketball - he played on the court with gusto

Even after a broken ankle he would still want to go


He received a trophy and medal as The Pupil Most Improved"

That made him extremely proud, you could tell by his mood

He was voted "The Tops" and became their Ambass-ador

John met two local mayors - he loved the attention for sure


But true to his nature what he looked forward to the most

Was being co-driver - a self appointed post

The journey to Amber always filled him with glee

Which car this morning? - Numberplate EOE or OTT?


Throughout his life have been people whom Johnny seemed to annoy

Who saw the mans body, forgot he was really only a boy

No one is complaining, he could be quite demanding

He just wanted attention - needed a little understanding


So if you ever meet anyone else of Johnnys ilk

With a voice like a fog horn and not smooth as silk

Try speaking calmly, bring them down an octave or two

With patience and kindness you will be amazed what you can do




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