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Client Newsletter September 2017
Client Newsletter September 2017
As you know within Amber Support we are always discussing the Care Quality Commissions’s (CQC) KEY LINES OF ENQUIRY (K.L.O.E) which I highlight in our Client Voice Meetings.  We have just finished four months of RESPONSIVE so as of 1st Setptember we will be focusing on SAFE.
So what does this mean? Let me explain. 
SAFE is where:
People are protected from abuse and avoidable harm
People are supported to make choices and take risks and are protected from physical, psychological and emotional harm, abuse, discrimination and neglect
In order for all of this information to be understood by everyone I will be undertaking two very different questionnaire’s  that I have designed  one of which is about Digital World Safety – look out for these and let me know your thoughts.  Before I go I have added a poster you might like to see which is about keeping you SAFE in the community:
At Eco we have continued harvesting fruit and vegetables.  The raised beds we purchased have been built and we have started to plant them.  We have planted our winter vegetable seeds and potatoes ready for Christmas and also started our NO DIG project by laying cardboard, adding compost then covering.
A story that touched our hearts
At Amber Eco we met a retired couple who were staying at the hotel.  They had been for a walk round and they were very impressed with what they saw growing. They chatted to Neal about all sorts.  They were so overwhelmed with what we had achieved it brought tears to the gentleman’s eyes and he donated £10 to buy us some seeds.
Shaun has joined us Amber Eco, or the “farm” as he calls it.  Since joining us Shaun has planted the raised bed, picked runner beans, harvested carrots, helped to weed the vegetable patch, raked the paths, picked plums and much more. He has quickly become a valued member of the team.  He is the first wheelchair user to attend Amber Eco - thank you for all your help Shaun.
National Community Service (via the YMCA)
A group of 15 young people who have volunteered for the NCS came to Amber Eco to help for the day.  We would like to thank them for all their hard work.  They moved and rebuilt the bug house, repaired the poly tunnel doors and dug over a piece of ground in the vegetable patch.  Thanks so much – they did an amazing job!
Rigby Hall School Leaving Party
We held a leaving party to show our appreciation for all the hard work done by the young people who have been coming from Rigby Hall School.
We would like to thank Neal for the sponge cake he made.  It was delicious!!  Thank you to Dale from Arden House for using the cob oven to make pizzas to go on the buffet. 
Thank you to everyone for helping to prepare the food including vegetables we had grown at Amber Eco. It was a great success and enjoyed by all.
Thank you to Jonathan
We would like to thank Jonathan who has only been with Amber Support for a short time for his generous donation following his charity bike ride for us – thank you Jonathan!
Our Vineyard
We also had the fantastic news that the 410 kilo produce of grapes from 2016 has finally been transformed into bottles of medium pinot noir wine called Gusto.  This is now on sale at The Granary Hotel and for every bottle sold the project will receive £2.00.  An incredible result and an incredible part of our project! 
Sunflower Competition
Val would like to announce the winners of The Sunflower Competition:
The Tallest Sunflower was Amy who won a Forever Friends Bear holding a Sunflower – well done Amy
Second Prize went to Violet who lives in Leeds for the Largest Sunflower
Third Prize went to Sian for her great efforts
Finally there was a ‘booby’ prize for Alison who managed to let hers die in the first two weeks!
Hope you all enjoyed our update
Val and Chester
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